Promotion for your business, on national TV and online made easy.

    Advertising on TV for some is a new method for some businesses. What's important about any commercial on TV is that your product, brand or service is targeted to the right audience, that's key in any success of marketing.

    Here at NETV. MEDIA, we only approach businesses and organisations where their brand fit our programs. We know our audience, we know our programs and we know what sectors of businesses fit this criteria.

    At present, our TV shows broadcast 9 times per week on the SKY platform. Sky has seen undoubted success due to the variety of channels and is able to cross match viewers to channels, for example, anyone looking to seek news will watch Sky news, Music, MTV and so on, so this helps businesses reach the correct audience, their target market.

    When it comes to making commercials, there are various ways this can be done,

    Still images, video or a visit to your premises by a production crew, whichever way you choose, you can be assured, the end result will be a clear thought out message that viewers understand who you are, what you do and how they can get in touch. This is where creative editing comes in to play.

    How much does advertising your business, on NATIONAL TV reaching your'e target market actually cost?

    In short, not as much as you believe it is. TV commercials are normally sold in what's known as "spots". each time the commercial runs. Here at NETV, and because we are the producers of the shows we broadcast and have all the skills and people needed, we can offer commercials for as little as £19.00 per broadcast, sometimes even less. Please be assured, this doesn't mean your commercial broadcasting at 4am, we only do peak times!

    We have various packages available when it comes to TV advertising, give us a call today and ask about these, you'll be surprised at some offers we have.

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